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Yuqing Ding, Zhongcheng Wu, Yongchun Miao, Liyang Xie, Manyu Ding Genuine On-Chain and Off-Chain Collaboration: Achieving Secure and Non-Repudiable File Sharing in Blockchain Applications 2023 Early Access Blockchains Collaboration Smart contracts
Sayantini Majumdar, Susanna Schwarzmann, Riccardo Trivisonno, Georg Carle Towards Massive Distribution of Intelligence for 6G Network Management using Double Deep Q-Networks 2023 Early Access 6G mobile communication Convergence Training
Paulo Sena, Antonio Abelem, György Dán, Daniel Sadoc Menasché Management of Caching Policies and Redundancy over Unreliable Channels 2023 Early Access Aging Synchronization Robustness
Nan Wei, Lihua Yin, Jingyi Tan, Chuhong Ruan, Chuang Yin, Zhe Sun, Xi Luo An Autoencoder-Based Hybrid Detection Model for Intrusion Detection With Small-Sample Problem 2023 Early Access Internet of Things Feature extraction Intrusion detection
Chunlin Li, Yongzheng Gan, Yong Zhang, Youlong Luo A Cooperative Computation Offloading Strategy With On-Demand Deployment of Multi-UAVs in UAV-Aided Mobile Edge Computing 2023 Early Access Autonomous aerial vehicles Task analysis Energy consumption
Abhishek Hazra, Mainak Adhikari, Dipak Kumar, Tarachand Amgoth Fair Scheduling and Computation Co-Offloading Strategy for Industrial Applications in Fog Networks 2023 Early Access Task analysis Industrial Internet of Things Job shop scheduling
Chenjing Tian, Haotong Cao, Jun Xie, Sahil Garg, Mubarak Alrashoud, Prayag Tiwari Community Detection-Empowered Self-adaptive Network Slicing in Multi-Tier Edge-Cloud System 2023 Early Access Quality of service Task analysis Cloud computing
Nidhi Sharma, Krishan Kumar Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm for Resource Allocation using Deep Neural Network in Ultra-Dense Networks 2023 Early Access Resource management Optimization Evolutionary computation
Lei Du, Zhaoquan Gu, Ye Wang, Le Wang, Yan Jia A Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning Method for Network Intrusion Detection 2023 Early Access Feature extraction Network intrusion detection Power capacitors
Engin Zeydan, Suayb S. Arslan, Yekta Turk Exploring Blockchain Architectures for Network Sharing: Advantages, Limitations, and Suitability 2023 Early Access Blockchains Costs Distributed ledger
Mahmoud Wafik Eltokhey, Mohammad Ali Khalighi, Zabih Ghassemlooy, Volker Jungnickel Handover-Aware Scheduling for Small-and Large-Scale VLC Networks 2023 Early Access Handover Resource management Radio frequency
Feng He, Jiarong Liang, Qingnian Li A Novel Approximation for Minimum Fault-tolerant Virtual Backbones Problem in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks With Faulty Nodes 2023 Early Access Wireless sensor networks Approximation algorithms Fault tolerant systems
Alisson Medeiros, Antonio Di Maio, Torsten Braun, Augusto Neto TENET: Adaptive Service Chain Orchestrator for MEC-Enabled Low-Latency 6DoF Virtual Reality 2023 Early Access Streaming media Resists Servers
Antonio Calagna, Yenchia Yu, Paolo Giaccone, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini Design, Modeling, and Implementation of Robust Migration of Stateful Edge Microservices 2023 Early Access Containers Microservice architectures Iterative methods
Hao Feng, Tianqin Zhou, Yuhui Deng, Laurence T. Yang A Holistic Energy-aware and Probabilistic Determined VMP Strategy for Heterogeneous Data Centers 2023 Early Access Servers Energy consumption Data centers
Pablo Salva-Garcia, Ruben Ricart-Sanchez, Jose M. Alcaraz-Calero, Qi Wang, Octavio Herrera-Ruiz An eBPF-XDP Hardware-Based Network Slicing Architecture for Future 6G Front-to Back-Haul Networks 2023 Early Access 6G mobile communication Network slicing Kernel
Yilun Liu, Shimin Tao, Weibin Meng, Jingyu Wang, Hao Yang, Yanfei Jiang Multi-Source Log Parsing With Pre-Trained Domain Classifier 2023 Early Access Semantics Classification algorithms Training
Luca Gioacchini, Marco Mellia, Luca Vassio, Idilio Drago, Giulia Milan, Zied Ben Houidi, Dario Rossi Cross-network Embeddings Transfer for Traffic Analysis 2023 Early Access Task analysis Knowledge engineering Artificial intelligence
Long Qu, Lingjie Yu, Peng Yu, Maurice Khabbaz Latency-Sensitive Parallel Multi-Path Service Flow Routing with Segmented VNF Processing in NFV-Enabled Networks 2023 Early Access Delays Routing Bandwidth
Dimitrios J. Vergados, Angelos Michalas, Alexandros-Apostolos A. Boulogeorgos, Spyridon Nikolaou, Nikolaos Asimopoulos, Dimitrios D. Vergados Adaptive Virtual Reality Streaming: A Case for TCP 2023 Early Access Wireless communication Streaming media Delays