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Weiqi Liu, Mohammad Arif Hossain, Nirwan Ansari, Abbas Kiani, Tony Saboorian Reinforcement Learning-Based Network Slicing Scheme for Optimized UE-QoS in Future Networks 2024 Early Access Quality of service 5G mobile communication Resource management
Anirban Lekharu, Annanya Pratap Singh Chauhan, Arijit Sur, Moumita Patra Reinforcement Learning Based Adaptive BitRate Caching at MEC Server 2024 Early Access Streaming media Servers Bit rate
Eyal Horowicz, Tal Shapira, Yuval Shavitt Self-Supervised Traffic Classification: Flow Embedding and Few-Shot Solutions 2024 Early Access Task analysis Transfer learning Data mining
Pratyush Dikshit, Mike Kosek, Nils Faulhaber, Jayasree Sengupta, Vaibhav Bajpai Evaluating DNS Resiliency and Responsiveness With Truncation, Fragmentation & DoTCP Fallback 2024 Early Access Domain Name System Resilience Probes
Hussein M. Hariz, Saeed Sheikhzadeh, Nader Mokari, Mohammad R. Javan, B. Abbasi-Arand, Eduard A. Jorswieck AI-Based Radio Resource Management and Trajectory Design for IRS-UAV-Assisted PD-NOMA Communication 2024 Early Access Autonomous aerial vehicles Trajectory NOMA
Markus Sosnowski, Johannes Zirngibl, Patrick Sattler, Georg Carle, Claas Grohnfeldt, Michele Russo, Daniele Sgandurra EFACTLS: Effective Active TLS Fingerprinting for Large-scale Server Deployment Characterization 2024 Early Access Servers Fingerprint recognition Protocols
Xudong Tao, Xiaoyan Qian, Lei Han, Weibei Fan, Yuzhou Shi, Xinrui Zhu, Zhiyu Li, Shuwen Wei, Rui Xu Key Flow First Prioritized Flow Scheduling Strategy In Multi-Tenant Data Centers 2024 Early Access Computer networks Data centers Scheduling algorithms
Chunjing Han, Bohai Guan, Tong Li, Di Kang, Jifeng Qin, Yulei Wu Few-Shot Log Anomaly Detection Based On Matching Networks 2024 Early Access Anomaly detection Feature extraction Adaptation models
Pingping Dong, Xiaojuan Lu, Tairan Huang, Liying Chen, Yang Yang, Lianming Zhang Predictive Queue-Based Rate Control for Low Latency in Lossless Data Center Networks 2024 Early Access Throughput Data centers Switches
Meng Yue, Qingxin Yan, Zichao Lu, Zhijun Wu CCS: A Cross-Plane Collaboration Strategy to Defend Against LDoS Attacks in SDN 2024 Early Access Control systems Switches Feature extraction
Bing Shi, Zhifeng Chen, Zhuohan Xu A Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Approach for Optimizing Trajectory and Frequency in Energy Constrained Multi-UAV Assisted MEC System 2024 Early Access Autonomous aerial vehicles Task analysis Trajectory
Nilesh Kumar Jadav, Sudeep Tanwar Whale Optimization-Based Access Control Scheme in D2D Communication Underlaying Cellular Networks 2024 Early Access Device-to-device communication Resource management Copper
Ashutosh Balakrishnan, Swades De, Li-Chun Wang CASE: A Joint Traffic and Energy Optimization Framework Toward Grid Connected Green Future Networks 2024 Early Access Quality of service Computer aided software engineering Costs
Roberto Martínez, Pedro Reviriego, David Larrabeiti Supporting Dynamic Insertions in Xor and Binary Fuse Filters With the Integrated XOR/BIF-Bloom Filter 2024 Early Access Fingerprint recognition Matched filters Fuses
Sam Maesschalck, Will Fantom, Vasileios Giotsas, Nicholas Race These Aren’t the PLCs You’re Looking For: Obfuscating PLCs to Mimic Honeypots 2024 Early Access Security Integrated circuits Industrial control
Ziyi Teng, Juan Fang, Yaqi Liu Combining Lyapunov Optimization and Deep Reinforcement Learning for D2D Assisted Heterogeneous Collaborative Edge Caching 2024 Early Access Optimization Device-to-device communication Collaboration
Gustavo F. Camilo, Gabriel Antonio F. Rebello, Lucas Airam C. de Souza, Miguel Elias M. Campista, Luús Henrique M. K. Costa ProfitPilot: Enabling Rebalancing in Payment Channel Networks Through Profitable Cycle Creation 2024 Early Access Lightning Network topology Topology
Nasrin Akhter, Redowan Mahmud, Jiong Jin, Jason But, Iftekhar Ahmad, Yong Xiang Configurable Harris Hawks Optimisation for Application Placement in Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks 2024 Early Access Space-air-ground integrated networks Resource management Computer architecture
Debbarni Sarkar, Yogita, Satyendra Singh Yadav, Vipin Pal, Neeraj Kumar, Sarat Kumar Patra A Comprehensive Survey On IRS-Assisted NOMA-Based 6G Wireless Network: Design Perspectives, Challenges and Future Directions 2024 Early Access NOMA Wireless communication Resource management
Ayman Younis, Sumit Maheshwari, Dario Pompili Energy-Latency Computation Offloading and Approximate Computing in Mobile-Edge Computing Networks 2024 Early Access Task analysis Servers Mobile handsets