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Xin Li, Hui Zhou, Lirong Ma, Jingjie Xin, Shanguo Huang Cost and Latency Customized SFC Deployment in Hybrid VNF and PNF Environment 2024 Early Access Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Physical Network Function (PNF)
Ibrahim Mohammed Sayem, Moinul Islam Sayed, Sajal Saha, Anwar Haque ENIDS: A Deep Learning-Based Ensemble Framework for Network Intrusion Detection Systems 2024 Early Access Computer crime Support vector machines Telecommunication traffic
Stefan Geißler, Andra Lutu, Florian Wamser, Thomas Favale, Viktoria Vomhoff, Michael Krolikowski, Marco Mellia, Diego Perino, Tobias Hoßfeld Untangling IoT Global Connectivity: The Importance of Mobile Signaling Traffic 2024 Early Access Internet of Things Ecosystems Monitoring
Jingyuan Liu, Zheng Chang, Kai Wang, Zhiwei Zhao, Timo Hämäläinen Energy-Efficient and Privacy-Preserved Incentive Mechanism for Mobile Edge Computing-Assisted Federated Learning in Healthcare System 2024 Early Access Medical services Servers Privacy
Yuyang Zhou, Guang Cheng, Zhi Ouyang, Zongyao Chen Resource-Efficient Low-Rate DDoS Mitigation With Moving Target Defense in Edge Clouds 2024 Early Access Security Telecommunication traffic Computer crime
Mahdi Rabbani, Leila Rashidi, Ali A. Ghorbani A Graph Learning-Based Approach for Lateral Movement Detection 2024 Early Access Feature extraction Vectors Authentication
Gaurav Baranwal, Dinesh Kumar, Amit Biswas, Ravi Yadav A Blockchain Framework for Efficient Resource Allocation in Edge Computing 2024 Early Access Resource management Consensus protocol Edge computing
Jiayi Liu, Zhongyi Xu, Chen Wang, Xuefang Liu, Xuemei Xie, Guangming Shi Mobility-Aware MEC Planning With a GNN-Based Graph Partitioning Framework 2024 Early Access Servers Planning Graph neural networks
Mehmet Şükrü Kuran, Oğuz Kaan Köksal, Melih Kılıç, Deniz Ece Susuz, Ahmet Uğur İlter, GökçCe Ekin Nehas, Sadık Öztürk MDU-CACS: A Coordinated Forecasting-Based Cloud-Assisted Dynamic Channel Assignment Mechanism for Wi-Fi Network Clusters 2024 Early Access Wireless fidelity Channel allocation Interference
Ramneek, Patrick Hosein, Sangheon Pack CREDIT: A Credible Trust Framework for Dynamic Mobile Data Pricing Enforcement 2024 Early Access Quality of service Pricing Blockchains
Shadi Bikas, Müge Sayıt Improving QoE With Genetic Algorithm-Based Path Selection for MPTCP 2024 Early Access Bandwidth Delays Streaming media
Ziyang Zhang, Yang Zhao, Huan Li, Jie Liu BCEdge: SLO-Aware DNN Inference Services with Adaptive Batch-Concurrent Scheduling on Edge Devices 2024 Early Access Throughput Computational modeling Artificial neural networks
Nuanlai Wang, Shanchen Pang, Xiaofeng Ji, Min Wang, Sibo Qiao, Shihang Yu Intelligent Driving Task Scheduling Service in Vehicle-Edge Collaborative Networks Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning 2024 Early Access Task analysis Computational modeling Processor scheduling
Junqing Le, Di Zhang, Fan Yang, Tao Xiang, Xiaofeng Liao Secure and Efficient Continuous Learning Model for Traffic Flow Prediction 2024 Early Access Predictive models Adaptation models Data models
Nicola Di Cicco, Memedhe Ibrahimi, Francesco Musumeci, Federica Bruschetta, Michele Milano, Claudio Passera, Massimo Tornatore Machine Learning for Failure Management in Microwave Networks: A Data-Centric Approach 2024 Early Access Training Hardware Failure analysis
Daniele Bringhenti, Simone Bussa, Riccardo Sisto, Fulvio Valenza A Two-Fold Traffic Flow Model for Network Security Management 2024 Early Access Computational modeling Network security Security management
Yusuf Ïslam Demir, Ahmet Yazar, Hüseyin Arslan Waveform Management Approach With Machine Learning for 6G Systems 2024 Early Access 5G mobile communication Wireless communication 6G mobile communication
Zhiyuan Rao, Lin You, Gengran Hu, Fei Zhu EBDTS: An Efficient BCoT-Based Data Trading System Using PUF for Authentication 2024 Early Access Internet of Things Blockchains Authentication
Yize Yang, Peng Shi, Chee Peng Lim, Jonathon Chambers Optimal Bipartite Tracking Control for Heterogeneous Systems under DoS Attacks 2024 Early Access Target tracking Control systems Denial-of-service attack
Tai Manh Ho, Kim-Khoa Nguyen, Mohamed Cheriet Energy Efficiency Deep Reinforcement Learning for URLLC in 5G Mission-Critical Swarm Robotics 2024 Early Access Robots Robot kinematics Collision avoidance