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Author(s) Title Year Issue Keywords
Cheng Ren, Jiangping Zhang, Yu Wang, Yaxin Li On Efficient VNF-FG Design in IoT Networks 2024 Early Access Switches Heuristic algorithms Internet of Things
Yingchun Cui, Jinghua Zhu MChain-SFFL: Multi-Chain Aggregation Privacy-Preserving for Server-Free Federated Learning 2024 Early Access Privacy Computational modeling Servers
David Tipper, Amy Babay, Balaji Palanisamy, Prashant Krishnamurthy Network Connectivity Resilience in Next Generation Backhaul Networks: Challenges and Future Opportunities 2024 Early Access Wireless communication Resilience Hardware
Yan-Xia Chang, Qing Wang, Quan-Lin Li, Yaqian Ma, Chi Zhang Performance and Reliability Analysis for PBFT-Based Blockchain Systems With Repairable Voting Nodes 2024 Early Access Blockchains Protocols Reliability theory
Joongheon Kim, Soohyun Park, Soyi Jung, Carlos Cordeiro Cooperative Multi-UAV Positioning for Aerial Internet Service Management: A Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach 2024 Early Access Autonomous aerial vehicles Reliability Wireless communication
Yuanyuan Fu, Jian Xu LogTransformer: Transforming IT System Logs Into Events Using Tree-Based Approach 2024 Early Access Servers Vectors Source coding
Fahime Khoramnejad, Aisha Syed, W. Sean Kennedy, Melike Erol-Kantarci Energy and Delay Aware General Task Dependent Offloading in UAV-Aided Smart Farms 2024 Early Access Task analysis Internet of Things Autonomous aerial vehicles
Yuping Lai, Yiying Yu, Wenbo Guan, Lijuan Luo, Jing Fan, Nanrun Zhou, Yuan Ping A Lightweight Intrusion Detection System Using a Finite Dirichlet Mixture Model With Extended Stochastic Variational Inference 2024 Early Access Computational modeling Training Feature extraction
Chen Chen, Jiabao Si, Huan Li, Wei Han, Neeraj Kumar, Stefano Berretti, Shaohua Wan A High Stability Clustering Scheme for the Internet of Vehicles 2024 Early Access Magnetic heads Clustering algorithms Heuristic algorithms
Marco Martalò, Giovanni Pettorru, Luigi Atzori A Cross-Layer Survey on Secure and Low-Latency Communications in Next-Generation IoT 2024 Early Access Internet of Things Surveys Security
Xiaojuan Wang, Yiqing Luo, Mingshu He, Xinlei Wang A Semantic Detection Method for Network Flows With Global and Generalized Nature 2024 Early Access Feature extraction Semantics Correlation
Zhihuang Ma, Tingyu Li, Zichen Xu, Nelson L. S. da Fonseca, Zuqing Zhu SFCache: Hybrid NF Synthesization in Runtime With Rule-Caching in Programmable Switches 2024 Early Access Servers Noise measurement Pipelines
Everson S. Borges, Magnos Martinello, Vitor B. Bonella, Abraão J. dos Santos, Roberta L. Gomes, Cristina K. Dominicini, Rafael S. Guimarães, Gabriel T. Menegueti, Marinho Barcellos, Marco Ruffini PoT-PolKA: Let the Edge Control the Proof-of-Transit in Path-Aware Networks 2024 Early Access Routing Cryptography Proposals
Jingjing Yang, Yuchun Guo, Yishuai Chen, Yongxiang Zhao MicroNet: Operation Aware Root Cause Identification of Microservice System Anomalies 2024 Early Access Microservice architectures Data aggregation Interference
Penghao Sun, Julong Lan, Yuxiang Hu, Zehua Guo, Chong Wu, Jiangxing Wu Realizing the Carbon-Aware Service Provision in ICT System 2024 Early Access Carbon dioxide Electricity Data centers
Lamees M. Al Qassem, Thanos Stouraitis, Ernesto Damiani, Ibrahim M. Elfadel Containerized Microservices: A Survey of Resource Management Frameworks 2024 Early Access Microservice architectures Resource management Cloud computing
Song Zhang, Wenxin Li, Lide Suo, Yuan Liu, Yulong Li, Jien Kato, Keqiu Li BRT: Buffer Management for RDMA/TCP Mix-Flows in Datacenter Networks 2024 Early Access Production Kernel Throughput
Somayeh Kianpisheh, Tarik Taleb Collaborative Federated Learning for 6G With a Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Controlling Mechanism: A DDoS Attack Detection Scenario 2024 Early Access 6G mobile communication Servers Collaboration
Zhuo Hu, Bozhi Liu, Ao Shen, Jie Luo Blockchain-Based Resource Allocation Mechanism for the Internet of Vehicles: Balancing Efficiency and Security 2024 Early Access Resource management Task analysis Security
Jingjing Hu, Yu Li, Zhaozhao Li, Qinrang Liu, Jiangxing Wu Unveiling the Strategic Defense Mechanisms in Dynamic Heterogeneous Redundancy Architecture 2024 Early Access Security Computer architecture Runtime environment